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The luck of the draw

Danilo Balestra


On the night of February 22, 1887 – the eve of the earthquake that will cause widespread destruction through western Liguria – Alfredo and Germano go to bed, snuggled up against each other to protect themselves from the cold. A few hours later, they awaken in the rubble of Bussana, caught up in a tragedy destined to bring their childhood to an end far too soon. On the 19th of June, 1920, more than thirty years later, the story of these same brothers finds us in Valloria, a little town in the Alta Val Prino, where a festival day unleashes a series of rash acts and unexpected revelations of long-hidden secrets. Between these two moments in time, we follow the daily lives of Alfredo and Germano as they grow to adulthood amid the breathtaking natural beauty of western Liguria, marked by the events that determined the history of Italy between the late nineteenth and the early twentieth centuries.




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